A Guided Tour of the Progress of Insight

In this guided meditation, Vince Horn guides participants through a real-time tour of the stages of the progress of insight, a Buddhist meditative practice-model.

By: Vince Horn

Practice Instructions

I'd suggest listening along with the guided meditation, and following for as long as you can. At some point, you may notice that you can't track what's happening anymore, and that what I'm describing no longer conforms to your experience. The last point at which you were able to follow can be seen as your current cutting edge in this practice-model. I'd suggest stopping when you find your edge, and work with what's arising at that stage. If used in this way, this guided meditation can be used to help you progress in practice, and self-assess your current level of proficiency on the progress of insight.

Background Info

This is an early Buddhist model of awakening, that was detailed in depth in an old commentarial text called the Visuddhimagga or "The Path of Purification". A monk from Myanmar, formerly Burma, named Mahasi Sayadaw, then developed a modern translation called "The Progress of Insight". Daniel Ingram then wrote a contemporary translation of epicly nerdy proportions in his "Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha", by the same title, The Progress of Insight.